8 comments on “My review of “VampCon” by Armand Inezian

    • Hi EM…thank you so much. And it IS a good one. Armand is a fellow author at Greyhart, and we cross-reviewed each other’s manuscript. I can’t wait to see how his does. How have you been? Long time no talk…

  1. You’re quite welcome! Give your friend my best wishes. I wish you both great success. I’m well… and hammering through book 3 and notes for book 4. Good to connect with you again. Hope you too have been well!

    • I’ll tell him 🙂
      I’m busy too. Have a splendid editor that is helping me shape my book, and the improvement is already remarkable. Going to be on vacation the next two weeks – my son is visiting from Texas. I’ll be online sporadically. Take care…great to talk with you again 🙂 TR

    • Hi Sirrom…sorry I haven’t been talking much…my son is coming into town on vacation tomorrow, and I’ve had a ton of stuff to do. VampCon is a great book, and it’s going to be out later this years. Armand is #11 on my list of “authors I follow on goodreads”, so if you want to be notified about it’s release, you can join his site. Good talking to you again 🙂

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