12 comments on “Good morning, all! Today, my “Chatting with the Authors” interview is with my good friend Edenmary Black…:)

    • Hi EM…I woke them up with a little scolding. I’ve been getting decent visits, but very few comments. See if it changes anything..:)

    • Yes, EM doesn’t halfstep. You should go over to her blog and introduce yourself. She’s a very cool lady, very gracious. And one of my oldest friends on here 🙂

  1. Nice to meet you, Kelly, and I’m glad you like the covers. The images are from Dreamstime and the artist is Robyn Ludwig of Robin Ludwig Designs Inc. I like to give credit where it’s due, because I have no artistic talent myself 🙂 I tend to get ideas where I least expect them, but long drives are fertile ground for me because I become bored staring at the road, when someone else is driving.

    Thanx, Thomas. It’s always fun to shoot the breeze with you!

    • EM, you might be interested in knowing that Kelly has dabbled a bit in cover art. She sent me a cover that looked pretty good – of course, my publisher is furnishing that, but I kept the cover for future use 🙂

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