29 comments on “Good morning, all! My “Chatting with the Authors” interview today is with T.W. Dittmer, author of “The Valley Walker”, a mystical adventure…:)

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  2. Very interesting that your creative streak has its origins in music, where the heart and soul are expressed in both word (your talent for lyrics) and action (via instrument). I imagine there are many songs and stories yet to come from you, T.W.

    • Thank you Maddie. I have it on my list of books to read, and can hopefully get to it soon. I like Tim a lot…

    • And thank you for paying me a visit. I get a lot of gratification from helping other authors get their name out. I was met with nothing but grace and smiles when I came onto the scene this spring, so I’m just trying to give back. I see you read my teaser of The Clearing. Any thoughts?

      • Oh, yes. It will be on kindle, and POD in paperback…on Amazon, Amazon UK, and Amazon Canada….I”m happy you want to read it….the announcement will be posted on my site for the launch….thanks for the reinforcement 🙂

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