5 comments on “Here’s a little heart warmer for your Wednesday afternoon…:)

  1. I am often horrified by the continual degrading of music and art classes — this started when I was in high school, 1978, when art class was cut completely so the football team could have new uniforms. And it has gotten worse and worse over these decades. Thank goodness there is a school somewhere who values music enough to make this possible!

    • I agree..I graduated in 1975, and band and chorus were definitely not the “cool” things to do…football, baseball, all those were part of the social strata. I played sports, but my real love was music….and because of that, I wasn’t exactly set apart, but it certainly didn’t help being accepted, either.

      • I was what my classmates called a full-on band f*g. My only venture into popular circles was being part of the drama club, which was considered eccentric, but still okay.

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