12 comments on “Okay. I don’t get it…could someone please explain something to me?

  1. I think in many cases with publication and the pressures of getting themselves known many find the time they have for sharing in others work severly hampered, I don’t think it is deliberate (well I hope not) just rather real life and own commitments overridding pleasure

    • You know, I get you…but what I’ve found in my life..and I try to guard against it…is I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I forget what it’s supposed to be about…and I believe many others so, also…

  2. Yeah, I think some authors have so little time between their regular job and trying to promote their work(s) that they get very honed in and disciplined with their time. (And then there are idiots like me, who manage to hit the “follow”/”unfollow” button without realizing it until they notice they haven’t been getting any updates from you…)

    • It’s really ticking me off, if you want to know the truth. Everyone is raring to go when it comes to getting interviewed..but to tell the truth, hardly any of the ASMSG crew looks at anyone else’s interview. In fact, almost none. I’ve been tempted to quit a couple times….

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