14 comments on “Amazon has evidently adopted a policy that could spell out dire consequences for many writers…

  1. Thanks for posting this, Thomas. I’ve heard instances of Amazon removing reviews of books, but hadn’t heard this facet. It’s a developing story that we should keep our eye on.

  2. JA Konrath has a post up on this as well.

    Also, I believe the NYT may have done a piece.

    And, This does go further than author’s reviewing authors. From threads I’ve seen populated by other authors, something in the new Amazon algorithms IS working, as irritating as it may be. May authors reported that they’d had family members reviews removed from their books ( They didn’t mind, as they never asked their family to review anyway and it made them uncomfortable ) as well as critique partners reviews, beta readers reviews, etc. It seems that Amazon has found a way to connect the dots between who may have existing relationships, and they are cracking down. Some of the trigger seems to be if you’ve ever logged into your amazon account from the same IP address ( think coffee shops, universities, etc ), if you’ve reviewed each other’s books, if you are an author/reviewer, and gifting copies of books also seems to be a trigger, as it can be seen as a form of financial compensation.

    Book reviewers who run review blogs have been hit pretty hard, because many of them are gifted copies of books and in many cases, where Amazon removes one of a reviewers reviews, they are simply removing ALL their reviews.

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  4. “Book reviewers who run review blogs have been hit pretty hard, because many of them are gifted copies of books and in many cases, where Amazon removes one of a reviewers reviews, they are simply removing ALL their reviews.”

    Kelly, wouldn’t book reviewers who run review blogs primarily review a gifted book on their own blogs (and not amazon)? Or do some of them also post on the site?

    This is all too much, if amazon keeps it up, their competitors will gain ground.
    By the way all the best with cornerstone vol 2.

  5. See this is odd… First off I would like to go on record as saying that to this date I have not had a review removed…Second, I always go straight to the book in question to review it. I also review any other products I have ever bought from amazon too.

    Amazon does have in its reviewer policy that if you received an item for free to please note so in the review.

    I always leave a little tagline at the bottom stating who this review is from (me) and that I received either an ARC or a review copy. My author central account is connected with my main amazon account.

    Just my experience…. not sure if I just have not been found yet or what, but so far- leaving that little tag at the end, I have not had my reviews deleted…

    • It seems to be pretty much hit and miss, from what I’ve seen. Reviews that are perfectly legit are being removed, while glaringly bogus ones remain. No rhyme or reason…which is partly why everyone is up in arms…

  6. I wonder if this is just common to the book world or whether music artists and film producers feel the same wrath?
    The article made very interesting reading and it really is a shame that things have come to this. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? If book reviews are going to be policed by corporations, where will it end?

    • Well, it all started with the discovery that an author was posting poor reviews for his competition under an assumed name, and things just went from there. Amazon changed their review policy, and started pulling reviews that didn’t follow this policy. Many reviews that weren’t supposed to be pulled did, and a mess ensued. They are still working to figure it all out. The best thing anyone can do right now is make sure anyone who reviews a FREE copy of a book writes a disclaimer to that effect in their review…

    • Isn’t it? Who said fiction writers had to go any further than looking out their front door to find inspiration for a story…
      Thanks for stopping by, Kimberly….:)

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