3 comments on “Many thanks to my pal Yelle Hughes for pointing out this excellent article on Forbes about the Amazon review debacle…check it out!

  1. This whole thing is crazy. I went to a couple books that I had reviewed to see if they’d been deleted. They were still there, but I saw one review of Chad Brown’s THE BASEMENT that was admittedly written by a ten-year-old child – and this is NOT a story intended for children. I reported it as inappropriate even though I have to blame his parents for lack of supervision. The kid is 10 and you let him get on your Amazon account and download whatever he wants? He even has time to leave a review?

    The internet is NOT A BABYSITTER PEOPLE! You’re almost better off letting them get a ride in that creepy van… at least they have candy.

    It’s sad that authors aren’t allowed to have an opinion about other author’s work… unless your Stephen King and you wanna bash on Twilight.

    • That’s disturbing. I’m not familiar with the book, but by the title I’d say it ain’t a book for a child. Inappropriate review, of course, but the damage is in letting the kid read it in the first place…that’s borderline criminal neglect.

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