11 comments on “I’d like to introduce you to some furry friends of mine…

  1. good man ye, Thomas ..in a previous life in Hong Kong, two Siamese cats owned me..names were Brainy and Bonkers, each inappropriately named… great pals they were ..in London a had a solo Siamese feline run my household,, i called it Fido, which is a dog’s name…but it still refused to go collect the newspapers …:):)

    • HAH…they owned you. true enough, that. All our cats, including the ferals, are named for attributes.The dogs were owned before, hence had names, but Goat is so named because he head butts you when he wants food or attention, and chirp makes noises, no matter what he’s doing…they’re a wild bunch 🙂

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  3. We deal with the same problems here in Oak Ridge. We adopted two kitties that we didn’t plan to adopt — you know how that goes : ) — and yet still haven’t found the culprit/mother to get her fixed, as we’ve seen at least one or two more that were running around, but wilder.

    It’s complicated by the fact that it’s hard to know which cats are feral and which are your neighbors, who have just strayed a couple homes north or south…

    Regardless, it’s safe to say that Danah and I are complete suckers with hearts far bigger than our discipline regarding our monthly budget, when it comes to animals… : )

    • I know the feeling. When our SPCA spay or neuter, they clip the left ear of the cat, so you can see from a distance whether or not it’s been done…they don’t do that where you are?

      • No, they don’t, though our friends who moved here from Florida said they do it in Florida, as well.

        Maybe it’s something that needs to happen here, though I can’t get over that it seems cruel to do, but I guess it’s the best approach.

      • They actually do it when the animal is under sedation, and it’s really not too painful. Very easy way to keep track of things also. We have quiet a good SPCA here, along with many individual groups. But they all hurt for money and stuff.

      • Gotcha. Thanks for explaining that. I may try to find out what’s going on around here as far as involvement — or lack thereof — of the SPCA or similar groups…

      • Typically, the SPCA is run by the county…depending on what county, they might not have much money. Ours provides the cage to catch and release free (they imprint your debit card for a potential payment, should you lose the cage) and do the operations free, as a service to the community….

      • I’m headed out for the week, so have a great weekend. By the way, you got 53 views on the interview so far. Hope that makes some kind of difference 🙂
        C ya Monday

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