9 comments on “Okay…finally…my answers for The Next Big Thing…and my heirs apparent…:)

      • Hi Victoria!
        Thanks so much 🙂 I’m getting really excited…
        Hubpages is…okay. I’m considerably more educated about writing now, and now it seems to me Hubpages operates in its own little world. It’s more social than anything else, althought there is a forum where you can get critiques on your work. Many of the authors there just post to HP and never venture outside its walls. I’d encourage you to try it and reach your own conclusions. Everything is free, so the look will only cost you time 🙂

      • Thomas, you’ve confirmed my suspicions about Hubpages. Thank you. It seemed to me like one of those ideas that sounds good as just that – a idea – but doesn’t quite work in practice. Mazel Tov on The Clearing.

      • I had fun there when I was first starting out, but I quickly outgrew it…many thanks for your wishes 🙂
        Hope you have a safe and blessed holiday season…

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