2 comments on “This world of ours can only be taken in small doses…

  1. Interesting thoughts. But I don’t believe in the end of the world at all. Mostly because I don’t believe in a punishing God, despite the Old Testament stories. While I can say, scientifically or cosmically, this world will probably end at some point in time, but I doubt any humans will still be here. We are an evolving society and will have moved on to a higher specie … maybe to other galaxies? Why would God destroy people and a world that He has created out of love? It makes no sense to me. Love doesn’t destroy (although human love is still faulty and can), but Divine love is truly sacred and will remain supreme in us, wherever we are. Our intention to create goodness and love in this world is needed right now more than ever.

    • Very nicely said, Paula. And I don’t know that I agree about the end of the world, either. If anyone does it, we will…but I do hope we can one day move past our difference and work in communion to improve things for everyone. Thanks for the comment…

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