12 comments on “I have a request…this one’s a biggie…:)

  1. I would LOVE to help! Not sure what to do either, but I’m open for an Author Feature of some sort. Maybe you could answer your own interview questions and I can post them on my blog. A taste of your own medicine, sorta speak. 😉 FUN! I’m so excited for you!

  2. Hi, big man…you’re ALWAYS welcome on my blog, anything, brother… I like the idea that M.S Fowle suggests… you compose whatever you feel is gonna pitch you best… even a copy of that, or something different ..your call.. and whatever date suits you.. After that I’ll bang it out on regular TweetDeck programme for several days .. cheers


  3. Hi Thomas, my blog is a children’s/YA so that won’t help, but you can email if you want. I have a friend that would probably love a guest post, book spot light etc. I’ll be happy to put you in touch with her. Also I just completed my own blog tour in Dec so if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help based on my recent experience. BTW, if you’re on Goodreads, create an event for your blog tour asking for hosts, that may help fill dates too 🙂 Good luck. Email is lionelsnod (at) hotmail (dot) com
    Hope to talk to you soon.

    Paul R. Hewlett

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