12 comments on “Anyone who buys a book should thank their lucky stars that writers work for peanuts…:)

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  2. I don’t think any of us do this with the expectation of becoming rich. But I do believe that every writer, in their heart of hearts, has that germ of hope that they are holding the equivalent of a winning lottery ticket.

    • Hey Bob…where you been?
      Oh, I agree…we are all dreaming of being “discovered”, much like any waiter/actor who ventures to Hollywood. But that’s at the heart of most of us, elsewise the bookshelves would be a lot emptier, eh?

  3. I totally agree with the points you make and would like to say that if you write purely for money then you have got it wrong. Most writers write because they must. If they get paid as well that is a brilliant bonus.

  4. I know I discouraged a young writer wannabe in my local writing group when I told him most writers never sell more than 5,000 copies. He got up and left! Guess he didn’t know we do it because we have to, and only get rich (or pay the light bill) if we’re lucky. 😉

  5. Congrats on your upcoming book. I have met Tim C Taylor and Terry Jackman several times so I already know your novel will be a blast. I too have a book coming out in the Spring (sequel to ARIA: Left Luggage) so perhaps we’ll see each other at the cons.

    • Hi Geoff….Tim and Terry are both splendid folks, and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship. I have high hopes…I’m about to throw chapter one on here as a sneak peek – see what the masses think 🙂
      Let me know when your book launches. I make it a habit to announce all of my friends’ books when they come out.
      Well met, my friend 🙂

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