22 comments on “Some common phrases that were coined by “The Bard” – William Shakespeare!

    • Hi John….thanks for dropping by.
      It is a series, actually 🙂
      The first installment concerned old sailing terms, and the next…who knows? Fun digging all of it up though…

      • Health wasn’t so good over Christmas/New Year, but coming back to life now, thanks.
        How you doing? Are the beta reader results in now?

      • Good to hear…hang in there.
        The beta couldn’t have gone better. Got a TON of spelling and grammar catches, along with some suggestions. All the changes are complete and it’s in Tim’s hands. I’m just organizing my blog tour and so on, in prep for the release. Time is dragging and flying, all at once 🙂 How goes it with your baby?

      • The Sunset flared into life over the holiday period, but seems to be fading a little now. I plan to submit it to various reviewers and so on around Scotland. I figure if the mountain won’t come to Mohammed…..
        By the way, I hope you’ll bear me in mind when you come to organise your blog tour.
        My blog site has the equivalent population of a Western ghost town, but I would still love to be able to do my wee bit.

      • I’m very quickly coming to realize just how much work the marketing side of writing is. Ye Gods…
        I absolutely will have you on my schedule…so far, I have 28 friends who will host me, and I’m working on some independent book bloggers also, and have two that said they’d host me. Shaping up nicely 🙂

      • General Eisenhauer could not have put more planning into the D-Day landings than you have put into the launch of your book. Seriously.

      • HAH…well said, old friend…I know, I know, I’m just like that. My wife thinks I’m part pit bull. Well, in a little over six weeks we’ll see how much it made a difference, won’t we…

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  3. Hi Thomas, great blog post. I didn’t know about the Rose theatre being a rival to the Globe, but Shakespeare was pretty good at poking fun at situations that were going on around him at the time. I await the next in the series.

      • Ha ha, try living in the Uk. I was born in London and brought up on the outskirts and sometimes I use South London slang that people around me simply don’t comprehend. Something I have to watch when writing!

      • I believe my publisher made a post about that type of thing – he lives in Berfordshire, and listed some different things that clash between your english and american english…

  4. Lots of things clash between English and American English. I used to have an American friend and we had great fun teaching her that sidewalk is pavement, parking lot is car park, purse is handbag and for goodness sake….pants are trousers! To us losing your pants is all a bit too personal 🙂

  5. Oooh I have learnt so much about the detraction from writing time. Balance is required, and focus…and determination…and I’m growing a thicker skin!
    It’s lunch time where you are and supper time here, so I’ll catch up again some time as I’m off to eat. Continue having a ball…that’s the main thing! 🙂

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