4 comments on “My brother Armand Enezian talks about the link between violence on tv and video games and children…:)

  1. I’ve never heard this argument — it makes enough sense that I am going to follow up on it. I agree with Armand’s rule against realistic toy guns. I am withholding my opinion for now, but this is a compelling argument.

    • Since I have a son that is now 16, I’ve read a little about this, time to time. I have no idea if the games and tv are a direct cause for any of the seemingly endless violence that surrounds us – but I do have to say that we seem to have become jaded to blood and guts…you’d just have to surmise they are intertwined…

      • That has been my opinion, but I see the validity of fantasy violence as a response to a frightening and difficult world. Of course, since I have no children, my interest is somewhat objective, compared to yours or any parent’s.

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