2 comments on “From Forbes Magazine – How social media works, and what you might be doing wrong…

  1. Thanks for posting this, Thomas. I avoid the social media (in general,) as much as I can, because I believe this worldwide communication network will, in fact, allow too many people to disconnect from others, in favor of sitting in the dark staring at the computer. Try going into a mid-school classroom — kids who could lean over and talk to each other will spend hours of time texting their friends, even though they haven’t learned enough basic math or grammar to count back change, or write a complete sentence, where the only one-letter words are a and I.

    • Hi Judith…
      I’ll agree wholeheartedly that we let our kids get waaaay too much exposure to social sites. Tweeting and so on has rapidly taken the place of sitting across from someone and having a eyeball to eyeball conversation. But. If used correctly, with discipline and awareness, it’s also a wonderful gift. For instance, I never would have met you and had an opportunity to know a very special lady. Kinda makes it seem a bit better, doesn’t it?

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