9 comments on “Author Spotlight: Lorraine (LJ) Bush and her thriller “The Double Edged Sword”…:)

  1. I read this novel a few months ago and it made a deep impression on me. The early chapters especially are raw and poignant, and not easily forgotten.

  2. Thomas, It was very heartening to see you featuring Lorraine’s work today. She’s not had an easy time of it lately ( thanks in no small measure to our government’s Dickensian policies ) and I know this will mean a lot to her. Thank you, my friend.

  3. In this country a lot of people have been abusing the social security system, claiming benefits they had no right to etc. There are many families where no one has ever worked, and have no intention of ever doing so.
    Unfortunately in trying to clamp down on this abuse the government are punishing the people most in need. Those genuinely unable to work are being treated as surplus to society. It would surprise no one to see a return to Victorian workhouses ( As in Charles Diskens’ day )

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