5 comments on “Good morning, all! My “Chatting with the Authors” segment this morning is with my good friend Donna Galanti and “A Human Element”…come join us!

  1. Thomas, I loved being on here! Thanks so much for having me and starting a fun conversation! I’m looking forward to having you on my blog as well. Thanks for supporting other authors. We need our “crew” to support each other. 🙂

    • Hi Donna….that’s a fact…we aren’t competitors, are we..
      Since you mention it, I’d love to be on your blog. I’m organizing my blog tour now, and have about the first half of march filled. I’m not doing every day…i think that would just be flooding folks with waaay too much about both me AND my book. so I’m doing two interviews/guest blogs/what have you a week. How does that sound to you> ?

      • Hey Thomas, not competitors indeed! I believe that there is room for as many authors as possible and if someone reads your book, then heck they might like mine too! There is no monopoly on readers. LOL! Yes, any time you want to do your post (I know you had mentioned MArch) is fine with me. Just send along when ready!

      • It’s a lot more fun selling together than alone, isn’t it? Strength in numbers 🙂 Let me look at the schedule, and I”ll be in touch. Remember, I’m going to repost the interview monday, in case you want to spread the word again…have a great weekend!

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