8 comments on “Many thanks to all, from the bottom of my gruff ol’ heart…:)

  1. Hi Thomas,

    Too bad we didn’t start following each other till recently, or I definitely would have put The Clearing on my WTR list—which I have now done!

    It’s wonderful that so many people want to read your book. I wish you much success!

  2. Just in case there might be the odd one here and there who aren’t sure they want to read The Clearing, let me clear things up a bit for you. I recently read it and I swear on the grave of Margaret Mitchell, I could not put it down! So, put it on your WTR list. Enter to (hopefully) win a copy of it. And, by all means, read it! It’ll grab you by the short and curlies right off the bat and won’t let go until the dust finally clears at the end. You heard it from Ol’ Big Jim and you all know I’ve never led you wrong yet!

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