12 comments on “I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you this…

  1. I rescued a feral cat along with two rescues from the shelter that was waiting to be put down. So… my home consists of three cats. I will have to admit that the feral cat is the most content and easy going cat, but FIERCELY Independent!!!! Doesn’t like to be fussed over but I love him!!! Thanks and lots of love, Emily

    • Cats are such cool creatures..independent, arrogant, and yet, they let us into their hearts a little on a daily basis. We have two rescues in our home, too, along with two rescue dogs. So, it gets interesting 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by, Emily….

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  3. Good choice. I have several ferals that have been tamed and caught and fixed and released.
    I am always up for helping animals.

  4. That is a wonderful thing you are doing. We have two beautiful Maine Coon cats one of whom I have been nursing back to health, he’s had a knee reconstruction from a terrible accident.

    • Oh Lord…a cat the size of a cougar. We’d love to have a Maine Coon, but he’d likely eat the rest of our animals 🙂
      We also have a colony of ferals outside our place that we feed. They are the innocents…
      Thanks Katy…I appreciate you stopping by…:)

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