3 comments on “Guilty as charged! And social media helped – an excellent article by my pal Jennifer Chase…:)

  1. Wow, it never ceases to amaze me when I read of things people do that they know are wrong, yet they continue knowing they are being recorded!
    Do I think social media is taking away my privacy? No. It can only take away your privacy if you allow it to. Don’t put personal info you wouldn’t want anyone and everyone to know online. Don’t post pictures you wouldn’t want your mother to see. THINK about what you’re doing.
    As for this particular case, Social Media helped bring justice to this girl. It also may serve as a warning to other teens not to put themselves in a position where they could have this happen to them. Unfortunately, most of them think “that would never happen to me”. I’m sure this girl didn’t especially since she counted these two boys as friends!
    Maybe the warning is to understand what a friend really is. Kids today seem to just take everyone at face value – everyone is a “friend” – even if they just met them and know nothing about them.

  2. A partial copy of my comment at Jennifer’s blog: “…I’m quite happy that the two boys were caught, tried, and convicted for that heinous crime. However, I feel that those who stood by and did nothing to prevent the rape and even went so far as to record it should share in that culpability. If one is in a position to prevent a crime and stands by recording it, isn’t one partly to blame for the crime taking place?”

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