4 comments on “BS alert! Amazon currently allows 7 days to return ebooks – and that MUST change. A petition you need to sign…

  1. I can only see the point of kindle refunds in very few circumstances for example if you buy a kindle that breaks in its first few days and you decide you don;t want to get a replacement, its not like you can double buy a kindle book (thank god as I regularly forget I already grabbed a freebie) I don’t want to say there is no need for refunds but maybe you should have to fill in some type of form giving the reasoning for your request for your money back

    • Hi Paula…
      That’s a thought…but I think it would be simpler to just shorten the time allowed. Three or four days should be adequate, don’t you think?

      • I hate the idea of one rule fits all and think that it does need to be a lot more subjective, should someone be able to get a refund based on they didn;t like it nope, but not everyone reads straight away or reads quickly so if i download a book then get part way through to discover there has been a technical problem with the download then I think I should be able to get refund or replacement and if a book has been misrepresented in terms of content then also there is a case for refund guess there is no easy answer

      • No, you hit it squarely…there’s not an easy answer. Like you, I think there should be some accountability for the purchaser – but then, of course, they can always lie…

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