4 comments on “Imitation is great – unless it sucks…

  1. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a classic car that’s been (for lack of a better term) pimped out. Classics should RESTORED, not butchered into some modern pile of crap with DVD players in the headrests and hydraulics bouncing that poor suspension all over the road. KIDS! At least that guy you encountered will keep the hearing aid place in business because he’s ruined his ear drums with his “BOOM! BOOM!” subs. I’m sure he’s the most bad-ass guy in the suburbs.

    What’s sad is that people like that think they’re “being an individual” because they’re doing what’s trending on Twitter or what they just saw on some “reality TV” show. My teenage niece for example – don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful young lady. But she looks like every other teenage girl I’ve ever seen anywhere!

    I fear there is no such thing as “individuality” anymore.

    • Hi Mel…that is a pure fact 🙂
      I was in a pit band for a local production of the rock opera Tommy when I was in high school. I remember a poster that was out back then – it struck a chord in me. It was a pinball machine sitting next to a large wire pen with a flock of geese. It depicted, of course, the individuality of Tommy next to the “flock” of mankind. Very striking, and I’ve been trying to find it for years. People can be, by and large, automatons…
      Sorry to hear of your review troubles…you might have seen that I tapped out a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to give a hand 🙂

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