6 comments on “My new pal “Chris The Story Reading Ape” (just how cool is that?), with a great article on the life – and works – of Lord David Prosser…:)

  1. W-O-O-O-W!
    This is a GREAT surprise my friend 🙂

    (I’ve been trying, in my primitive primate way, to embed a link into my picture for AGES, but haven’t succeeded – how did you do it?)

    • Okay, then in dashboard, when you’re composing your post,. you have two rows of buttons above the text area. Top row, sixth from the right should be a button that looks like chain links. Go to whatever site you want and use clipboard to copy the link. Insert your photo into the post, then click on it to highlight it. Click on the chain “link” button and paste in the link. Be sure to click “open link in new window” at the bottom so it opens a new window and doesn’t leave your site when the reader hits it….how’s that?

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