16 comments on “My take – just a little – on the social media puzzle…

  1. Hi Thomas,

    I came here from Seumas’s link, and am glad I did! Your post got me thinking. I like the idea of focus. Sometimes it gets to be too much! And I need to learn about Alexa. Thanks for the heads up! And nice to meet you! I’ve linked, followed, etc!


    • Hi Carole….thanks so much. Any friend of Seumas is one of mine, as well. Trust me, what I listed in the article is because of my own mistakes. I tend to go off tangents whenever I see a new opportunity, and forget to follow what I was doing to start off with. Just too much to decipher, sometimes, eh?

  2. Hi Thomas: I think you know my feelings on this matter. Yes, I think we all try to follow everything people tells us but eventually we have to find what works for us. I agree that blogging might work well if you can get a following, and at least is something more creative and akin with what we really like to do.

    • Hi Olga…yes, that’s true too. My trouble is I look more like a blogger sometimes than I do an author. I actually – on bad days – look at it as a necessary evil, yanno?

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