6 comments on “Okay….so where is Superman?

  1. Thomas – perhaps you are looking in the wrong place. There are plenty of heroes out there, but you are better off finding them among the people you deal with personally than attempting to find them on the silver screen, the field of play, or the oval office. Your thought of Reeve, the man, rather than Reeve the “man of steel” is certainly a good start, but I choose to count family, friends, coaches, etc as the heroes that I observe.

    • Excellent point, Steve, and I agree. Oh, I have plenty of heroes, and they are typically everyday folk. My point is that the ones who have the position and exposure to impact so many in a positive way are oftentimes caught up in their own popularity, and miss a real chance to make a difference…

      • i agree, and it’s upsetting – but at the same time refreshing to consider the people that we walk among, and perhaps even we ourselves, are heroes to others.

  2. I was watching when Mr. Reeves took that tumble from his horse, and I remember my heart stopping. The way he hit, I was sure he was dead. He went on to become an even greater hero than Superman ever was. I just read his autobiography, I’m Still Me. A great book. We need our heros. Yes, the everyday ones we personally know, but also the larger-than-life ones like Christopher Reeves and Michael J Fox, not those whose main focus really is only on themselves.

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