12 comments on “A couple mistakes I’ve made on social media…

  1. For any writer these days Thomas, having a blog which you regularly contribute to is absolutely essential. As for Goodreads, take my advice and avoid at all costs. Why? Because it has degenerated into a den of iniquity, exclusively dominated and run by the very worst of the cyber bullying trolls known to man. Not content to make writer’s lives a misery, they even attack readers if they give a five star review. Don’t believe me? Take a look at: http://www.stopthegrbullies.com/2013/05/23/something-rotten-at-the-core-of-gr/

  2. I completely agree about your point about having a blog. It doesn’t only provide fresh content to your website but it also helps in optimizing your website.

  3. I had a FB page years ago when FB first came out. I got it to share pics on. FB has evolved into a virtual monster. I recently linked my blog to my new author page and I have had nightmares of problems (see my post called “This is An Experiment” to learn more). I am finding that it gets very confusing to go between my author page and my personal page to “Like” people. My personal page is supposed to be private and my author page is public, but that does not seem to be the case anymore. There are other problems as described in my post. Worse, the author’s groups are supposedly designed to “help” authors, but seem to be nothing more than a feeding frenzy hole for authors to dump their promos into. They are trying to sell books to authors who are trying to sell books. Even the group mediators have to constantly remind people not to use the closed groups for promotions of their work, but they do it anyway. As for GR, now I am scared to death. I put my book on there for exposure to readers, but the only groups I joined were the librarians, the authors, and one called Making Connections that is supposed to connect readers to writers. The only books I have reviewed are by established authors except for one stellar review for indie author Sarah Cradit. Now I am scared to review. I don’t want to get trashed on there like Jack describes. I was thinking of linking my blog to GR the way my FB is linked to my blog, but with the problems I am having with FB don’t know if I want to go there. I think I’ll be content to just be a non-participant on GRs. The one and only thing that has been extremely useful and helpful to me is this blog. I have learned so much and received so much support. My wordpress community ROCKS MY WORLD!

  4. Good article, only I have to mention that many authors are giving Goodreads a miss these days as the trolling is rife and not moderated at all. All the authors I know get better results from LibraryThing and Shelfari. As always, follow the rules and don’t spam!

    • Funny you should say that, Adam. I’ve not had all that much success with GR either. Seems to be a bunch of forums and chit-chat, and not much in the way of results and true exposure.

  5. Badreads and the Amazon forums need to be avoided like the plague. Neither site will acknowledge that fact there is a difference between a book review and a personal attack aimed at destroying the reputation, career and livelihood of indie writers, and the inmates are running the asylum. The trolls on both sites have convinced them that the constant reports of of stalking, bullying and harassment is just disgruntled authors behaving badly because of poor reviews. This is not the case at all. It is a deliberate, organized, campaign by trolls, in the employ of the Big 5, to discredit, slander, libel, marginalize, ruin and discourage any good indie writers they find. This is criminal and investigations are in progress.

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