6 comments on “May I introduce Mr. Ollie Lambert and his debut poetry collection, “Quintessensual”…

  1. Hello Thomas, & nice to meet you Ollie~ We are happy to have found you on our new friends site, Thomas Rydder, who is an amazing artists and Author but who also is so gracious at helping the rest of us Artists gain exposure. Because of this, Inion & I have put, Quintessensual’, (btw~luv the title & the meaning behind it.) on our must reads. We are novelists writing YA/Fant./Fic. but also write poetry and have four pieces entered into contests and will be reading two the first week in september locallly here. We love poetry and like you, have also been influenced by some of musics greatest poets. Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain (The Hesitant Poet of Grunge) just to name a few. I don’t think enough poets give credit to music as an influence, so it’s always nice to hear one pay respect and give credit to it as an influence. We also attribute our works flavor in the poetry we read growing up. The great Poe, as well as William Hughes Mearns. We look forward to reading your work, and hearing more from you in your bright future!

    • Perhaps the most gratifying part of posting for others is bringing them to the attention of other authors. New friendships are wonderful, aren’t they? Thanks so much, Ginger 🙂

    • Thank you so much and it is great to meet you! It is very kind of you to add ‘Quintessensual’ to your must reads list! It is great news, and thank you so much for spreading the news about my work. Please do keep in touch, you can email me here -> ollielambo@gmail.com or find me on my website at ollielambert.wordpress.com

      Thanks once again!

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