11 comments on “Karleene Morrow and her historical novel “Destinies” is featured on Karen’s Killer Book Bench…

      • It’s a superb book, Tom. It tells the story of German immigrants settling around the Volga River in Russia during the reign of Catherine the Great. You’re right, I do love history, but Destinies is a beautifully written book in its own right.

      • One heckuva combination, then. I love histories also, whether they be fictional or otherwise. I’ll have to have a look. How are things over on your side of the pond?

      • Not bad thank you. I’m starting work on a sequel to The Sunset. How are you doing? When is ‘Restless Souls’ to be released. I want to add it to my Kindle collection.

      • A sequel, eh? Interesting…I’m way curious to know what direction you’re going with that.
        I’m finishing up a couple edits I decided to do, after rereading all the stories. After that, we should be good to go. Not sure if we’re going to do any pre-pub reviews before launch, like we did with The Clearing, but if we are, I have some folks lined up. You can jump on that train if you like. And write me down for a review of yours, right now please…

      • I’ve been holding that review I wrote of Restless Souls a few weeks ago. Just tell me what you want me to do with it.
        Hmm. I think I could have phrased that better.

  1. Thanks so much for featuring Destinies here, Tom. And thanks to Bob Atkinson for telling me. I wish I could splash this around Facebook but I just did that with Karen’s site and feature of the book and giveaways. I might get squashed if I overdo it. But thanks so much, I am so pleased tht you did this.

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