15 comments on “Lads and Lassies, there be spammers amongst us – and they be on Goodreads…

    • Absolutely! Go for it…idiots like this need to be ostracized and banned from sites where normal folks are just trying to get their work out. Thanks so much – and for dropping by too 🙂

  1. If writers make a complain to Goodreads more than once they will ban you. There is a serious stalker troll problem and the goodreads staff protects and defends them. If you leave in disgust or get banned for defending yourself they absolutely refuse to remove your intellectual property. It’s best to avoid that site like the plague.

    • You know, Rick, I have mixed emotions about Goodreads. I’ve tried participating on there and doing all the right things, but have received very little return for my efforts. (I mean, it’s not all about expecting back for doing good stuff, but I’m just sayin’). But, given Amazon’s move to buy it up, I somehow can’t reconcile myself to ignoring the place. Quite a quandry…

  2. I think Goodreads DID do something about this. I just found Andrew’s book on their site and it now has only 7 ratings and 2 reviews – now at a 1 star rating. Would’ve like to seem him kicked off the site altogether – book(s) and all. But gotta take what justice we can get. I hope they also removed all the fake reviews/ratings he left on other books. 😉

    • Hi Mel…
      Yes I saw that too…good to know a strong effort can still pay dividends, isn’t it? Only trouble is, he’s far from the only one on there….one step at a time 🙂

  3. wow…just…wow… If he had invested all that time in honestly promoting his agenda, he could have accomplished something productive! Why waste so much energy doing things the wrong way, when you can do things the right way?? thanks for posting, Chris.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. Much like the hackers who invent ingenious ways to instill bugs and worms into networks – they could be pulling down six figures doing something worthwhile. Thankfully, much of what he’s done has been pulled down by Goodreads…nothing like good ol’ fashioned teamwork, right?

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