11 comments on “A day of Death, a day of Pride…

  1. Apart from the gawd part a great post. I say apart from the gawd part, because it was after all religion that started this all. I would so love to see a world in which we can all just live together and not fight over what guy in the sky we choose to believe in.
    But this day is supposed to be an honouring of the heroes and not the reasons for why they became heroes.

    • Hi Lucy…
      I disagree, actually. It’s my contention that these idiots hide behind their god. It’s never been my belief that any god would stand for this type of action, so why would Allah? As I mentioned to one other commenter, just because you spout his name while committing atrocities, that doesn’t mean he condones your deed.

      • How very true, but it is however you look at it religion which causes a lot of the problems on this Earth. Not the guy in the sky, but the people using their religion as a means to justify their actions.

      • Absolutely! Since the time of the Crusades (before, actually), people have committed atrocities in the name of their God. I guess it’s a matter of semantics, but I don’t consider terrorists who kill in Allah’s name to be within their God’s boundaries – and therefore, Godless…

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