13 comments on “SCAM ALERT – Part II

  1. Surely the smart thing for him to do would be to not give your post more exposure? Of course, an even smarter thing would be to not run such a group in the first place, so…

    • Very true, TPG…it’s a statement on the level on which he operates. Totally unprepared for indignation and honesty. His kind don’t survive for long in an honorable world…

  2. You’re quite right, Raodum…it’s an ever-present danger on here. The best bet is to just stay your own course, and do it right. No matter the outcome, you always have that.

  3. I had actually linked to your original post from my review blog, “Haunted Book Case.” I find it both disgusting and irritating that authors out there do this. It makes it even harder for legitimate reviewers like myself to get acknowledged without the label of “scammer.”

    Kick up that “shit storm” my literary friend, you have many supporting your efforts.

    • Thanks HBC…I agree with you on all counts. A beginning author myself, I am always looking for legitimate reviews – but I’ll take 100 3-stars before one from this idiot. I appreciate your support, sir, and thanks so much for coming by 🙂

  4. Before I knew any better, I exchanged reviews with an author. Her book had too many problems to deserve five stars, but enough strengths to justify four. I posted an extensive review on my blog and on Amazon and waited for her to complain and/or slam my book. instead she gave it a fair review. I’ll never do that again. Even when authors have good intentions, the review exchange implies a tit-for-tat. Usually it implies the threat of retaliation. I hope this unscrupulous person will not harass you for exposing him.

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