8 comments on “SCAM ALERT – Part IV – I’m going weasel hunting…join me?

  1. Clicked and clicked and clicked, Thomas! 😀 With as many authors that are calling these people out, I hope they’re all banned from Amazon and their books removed. I still don’t get why they would want fake reviews. Legit readers will buy it thinking it’s great and realize it’s not, then they’ll be bombarded with HONEST 1-2 star reviews.

    Best of luck, Thomas! Keep fighting the good fight! xoxo

    • Thanks Mel 🙂
      This guy was all cocky when I told him he shouldn’t mess. He didn’t listen…now comes the fiddler…
      And you’re right, of course. I’ll take the reviews my work has earned. If it’s one-star, then so be it. If it’s five, then I want that five to be authentic…

    • Thanks much, Clive…and I agree. We’d be shocked if we knew everything that went on out there. All we can do is correct it when we see it 🙂
      I appreciate your support, buddy…

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