2 comments on “May I introduce Ms. Donna Collier, cover artist extraordinaire :)

  1. Wow Thomas, YOU ROCK!! I want to thank you again for supporting my work:) You are very kind for posting this on your blog. I offer all original eye popping covers designed to make your e-book get noticed amongst the thousands of others. Unfortunately that best seller you have hidden behind a bad cover is not going to get noticed. Let’s get started designing a fresh noticeable re-cover for your work. Re-covers are a great way to breath new life into an already published piece of work.

    • Donna, it’s certainly my pleasure, and I know a bunch of authors who follow me on here and on facebook. Hopefully, something will come of my postings. As to my books, both of them just came out, so they aren’t in need of a makeover just yet, but trust me, I’ll keep you in mind for the future 🙂

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