4 comments on “Are you a good writer? How good? Good enough to win a Kindle Fire?

  1. Having writer’s block are you? Need some ideas for your next book? Great way to steal some intellectual rights, that’s for sure, and you only have to pay $5 !! Man…get real. And, I’m not talking about the person who wins. Offer us something more substantial, like a contract with a big house, then you’d be talkin.

    • Well, I can see you’ve chosen an appropriate screen name. I’m going to take a moment and pretend this is any of your business – this is a legitimate contest, with viable judges and a kindle fire for a prize. If you paid more attention to events, and less to trying to figure out how to rant, you’d know that short story contests are rampant throughout the writing community. Many organized sites (like Goodreads) have them, and they’re a fun way to relax and just enjoy writing. Instead of bitching and moaning, why not try throwing in and take your shot? Of course, if you didn’t win, it would be because it was all rigged – right? Stay off my site, whiner…you have no place here.

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