14 comments on “Thomas Rydder, writer

      • Not bad at all thanks. It’s good to see you back on-line. When do you expect The Clearing to be re-launched?

    • Tim is looking over the changes now, so whenever that whole process is done. In the meantime, working out some ideas on marketing. How are things going with your two books?

      • I can’t complain. The Sunset especially did well. No yacht in the Mediterranean just yet, but we can but dream. Let me know if you need a beta reader.

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    • Jim…can’t tell you how good it is to hear from you! You’re right…life is a curious journey, tha’s certain. Looking forward to rubbing elbows with you again…

  2. Hiya Tim!

    You have been missed!
    Good to see you.
    Good to understand your process of re-writing to. It’s just nice that you are back in the mix of things. Looking forward to you book again.

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