6 comments on “Giving book reviews – honest reviews – can be savage business for a writer

  1. Maybe those who didn’t like the books just couldn’t be bothered to leave a review? The “if you don’t have something nice to say” mantra from our youth?

    • I can certainly attest to a number of times when I ran into ‘suck’ and abandoned the process rather than struggle with putting alarming negative feelings in writing. Sorry. I just had better things to do.

      • I also think that people who are legitimate fans try to give it 5 stars to spread the word and allow the author to be able to continue writing in a universe they love. And let’s be real, you find crappy books with editing issues in traditional publishing too….. Hello, “50 Shades” anyone?

  2. I agree with both of you, in what you’ve seen and experienced. A couple years ago, I read a book by an author by an author I know somewhat, that traveled in the same circles as I. thought it was atrocious, but, like many other of her “friends”, put down 4 stars for it. I’ve felt guilty about it, and do to this day. It was the last time I’ve done so. And in fact, I went back and looked at all it’s reviews. Folks I know are authors all gave it medium to good reviews, and honest readers from the general population mostly blasted it for being almost unreadable. Authors stick together, by and large. The politics of writing, right?

      • Possibly…but then that puts a “tongue in cheek” bent on it right from the get-go. No, I think I’m going to be very careful about what or who I commit to, from now on, and perhaps even preview the book before agreeing to review.

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