My author buddies and their books

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Click on the author name to go to their site, and the book title to reach its link:

1. L.M. Smith – Author of “The Citizens”, a paranormal fiction

2. Edenmary Black – Author of “Sanctum Angels: Shadow Havens Book 1”, a paranormal-romance

3. B. C. Sirrom  – Author of “Solstice Night”, a paranormal romance

4. Elyse Draper – Author of “Consequences”, book two of the Freewill Trilogy, a fantasy romance

5. Jaye Frances – Author of  “The Kure”, a paranormal-occult novel

6. Karen Payze Author of The Truth About Lies”, a romance-thriller

7. Glenda Reynolds  – Author of Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires” , a vampire thriller

8. Michael Montoure – Author of “Slices”, a horror anthology   

9. Liz Long – Author of “Gifted, a Donovan Circus Novel”, a fantasy  

10. Armand Inezian – Author ofBringing Ararat, a short story collection on Armenian immigrants, and his new work “Vampcon”, a vampire conspiracy thriller, out soon on Amazon.      

11. Rashad Praraon – Author of When Kings Fall”, a historical romance set in Arabia, available soon on Amazon.                 

12. Kelly Walker – Author of “Cornerstone”, a fantasy novel with a bit of a romantic twist, available soon – stay posted!

13. Charline Ratcliff – Author of “The Curse of Nefertiti, a fantasy drama set in ancient Egypt 

14. Stephanie Judice – Author of “Saga of the Setti:Rising”, a young adult fantasy available on Amazon.

15. Cindy Lyle – Author of “The Dragon Within”, a fantasy novel available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Iuniverse.

16. Orna Ross – Author of Before the Fall, a mystery novel available on Amazon.

17. Lisa Goldman – Author of “Illusions”, a short story included in “Morbid Seraphic”, an anthology of demonic shorts.

18. Seumas Gallacher – Author of  “The Violin Man’s Legacy”, a bloody thriller about theft, triad gangs, and murder in Hong Kong.

19. T.W. Dittmer – Author of “The Valley Walker”, a mystic thriller with dragon, ancient magic and – criminal investigations?

20. Anne M. Carpenter – Author of “All about Women”, a short story collection.

21. Benjamin Wallace – Author of “The Dumb White Husband”  series.

22. Carrie Salo – Author of “The Sounding”, a biblical thriller/murder mystery. 

23. J.B. Lynn – Author of “Further Confessions of a SLIGHTLY NEUROTIC HITWOMAN”, a wickedly funny comedy.

24. Sandra Nikolai – Author of “False Impressions”, a murder mystery.

25. Claude Bouchard – Author of “Vigilante”, a murder thriller.

26. Marla Madison – Author of “She’s Not There”, a psychological thriller.

27. Johanna Van Zanten – Author of “On Thin Ice”, an anthology of fictional short stories about one woman’s mistakes, triumphs, and relationships.

28. Cynthia Collins – Author of “The Unicorn Tree”, a YA mystery novel.

29. Larry Crane – Author of “A Bridge to Treachery”, a political thriller.

30. Mark Mayfield – Author of “The Spaceship Vault”, a history of NASA’s manned spaceflights.

31. Tony Levy – Author of “A Turnkey or Not”, a biography of Tony’s experiences in Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

32. Rev. Chris Goin – Author of “Dear Bonnie, My Life at Lake of the Ozarks” a book of self-healing techniques to improve your spiritual and physical quality of life.

33. Sarena and Sasha Nanua – Authors of “The Gemstone”, a YA mystical adventure.

34. D.G. Torrens – Author of “Amelia’s Story”, and the sequel “Amelia’s Destiny”, an auto-biography.

35. Tina Gayle – Author of “Birth (Executive Wives’ Club #2)”, a heart-warming romance.


4 comments on “My author buddies and their books

  1. 😀

  2. Great Site, Thomas. Lots of good info and a great place to find some new authors.

    • Thanks James…still a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy with it. I appreciate you stopping by 🙂
      Warm Regards, Thomas

  3. Thank you so much Thomas you’re a star 🙂

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