22 comments on “The Cover for my debut novel “The Clearing”

  1. ooooh! Pretty.

  2. Hi Kelly…thanks so much (although I didn’t do it). You think it’s okay?

  3. I really like the cover. It is perfectly set in the graphic ‘sweet spot’: complex enough to be interesting without confusing the viewer with unnecessary details. The image is particularly good. The moon, mist and just a hint of the story with the wolf silhouettes, is an intriguing scene. The only minor tweak I would offer is your name at the bottom feels ‘heavy’. Perhaps testing out a narrower font or adding a slight transparency would help.

    Congrats on your debut novel!

    • Hi BC..thank you!
      I too am very pleased with the cover in general, but I did have questions about my name’s font. This is what I’m going to use from here on out, and I thought it might be…I don’t know…plain? heavy? I’m going to revisit it with my cover designer and see what she comes up with. Thanks for the input :)

  4. Hi Thomas,
    awesome cover.
    Patricia ♥

    • Thank you, Patricia…I’m very pleased with it too. My cover artist did a fantastic job. Can’t wait to hold it…:)

  5. Wow! I love it! I feel like I’m peeking out from behind a bush unsure of what I’m seeing but very nervous about it. I like the typography, but your name overpowers the title. Title condensed, bigger point size? Your name not bold and smaller than the title? I think it’s workable, but the type does need work.

    • Hi…thanks so much for stopping by…yes, I’ve been on the fence about that portion of it, and I’ve received several opinions that echo your concern…I’m going to address it…thanks!

  6. Beautiful cover. Very moody and atmospheric.

    • Thank you Mae…I think she did a grand job too :)

  7. What a great looking cover! This is definitely going to catch the eye of readers for sure!

    • Thank you, McK….I like it too. The designer did a slam-bang job as far as I’m concerned. I’ve already told her she’s doing all my work from now on…

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  9. Whoever designed it did a smashing job. Kudos!

    • Thanks Ron…I think so too…I promptly told her that she has my work from now on..:)

  10. I love the wolves in the background. Nice cover, Thomas.

  11. Great cover!

    • Thanks so much, Lucy….I’m pretty pleased with it too. And thanks for coming by :)

      • You’re welcome :-) It was fun perusing your blog. I’ve signed up to follow you from now on.

      • Why thank you! I did the same on yours, as well. A bit pressed right now, but I plan on coming by and paying you a visit :)

      • Thanks Thomas :-)

  12. Like the cover. Re your name – my first thought is that it will still be legible when it is the size of a stamp, so I would leave as is.

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