9 comments on “The proof copy of “Restless Souls: 3 Dark Fables”is on it’s way to me, and I need some pre-launch reviews…:)

  1. Thomas, am I living in some alternate reality? The first link still goes to HBO, the second to Wikipedia about Harrison Smith, and there’s no link on the third. I will say this again, I am more than happy to help, and quite eager to read your stories, but why am I not getting any help finding them. You can email me at jatwood4 -at- comcast.net.

    • Hi Judith….I don’t have it ready to review yet. I’m simply gathering some wiling folks together for when I do 🙂 My publisher is sending a proof copy now, and once I go over it and we agree to a final draft, then we’ll be ready to get it reviewed. Patience, my friend 🙂

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